Katia Nicole

Trying out for Miss Teen thing dub step Queen, 15 year old Katia Nicole see’s herself as a Princess of EDM ready to shake shake boom the disco room with a sub-base wobble and a pretty tidy dance tune at her disposal in “The Girl Can’t Help It”.

Pop Princess Katia showcases her dance performance embellished career to date by inviting Gabe Morales of emerging pop ready American boy band IM5 to feature as lead boyfriend material in the glossy choreographed scenario that accompanies.

KAPOW! the powers of their young love turns the air electric as a deluge of teen hormones spark a chemical thunderbolt of attraction from their fixed eye to eye gazing across the room, so captivating that the force of pheromone energy is literally so fierce between them that they are blown off their feet by the powers of natural chemistry and subsequently cannot get within an inch of one another, before cupids kaboom strikes them down.

Gabe isn’t the only catch that Katia has won herself though, …….. time to get excited people……..she’s only working on her debut album with Dave Aude in control of the production and Queen of electro fierce Luciana  chopping up the lyrics on it!

It’s 3 strikes lucky for Katia here we think and of course we duly expect that Luciana will shape up Katia into a slinky cat suited pop vixen in due course.