It seemed an exciting year ahead had been mapped out for pop’s newest sensation Tate McRae. Then, the on-going pandemic began sweeping through every nation. Like so many artists in the entertainment industry, changes to her work itinerary have consequently had to be made. April 2020 U.S. tour dates have been postponed (to be rescheduled at a later date,) and probably a ton of stuff we hadn’t heard about yet, has also been put on hold. It is good to see that many music industry artists are adjusting to the setbacks and finding innovative ways to keep on, keeping us entertained (by doing live-streams etc.) As for Tate, she is still making moves, dropping off a subdued video for “that way” from debut EP “all the things i never said.”

The EP stands as a highly emotive offering from the Canadian teenager. One which is very much on trend with the modern pop sensibilities Lorde first brought to the table with her 2013, “The Love Club” EP release. Of Tate’s debut collection of tracks, “that way” is by far the most minimalist. The melody is simply guided by a heartbeat pulse and the echoing of precision, placed piano chords. In truth, a song as, openly honest as this, only requires the singer’s soothing voice, to steal the top billing.

Tate says of the video, “I have multiple sides to me; a lot of layers that people have not yet seen. My dancing is a huge part of my life, so I’m so glad I finally get to create movement, to a song that’s really personal to me.”

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