Photo: Aleksandra Zaborowska

Natalia Lesz is one of Polands finest popstars there is no question mark surrounding that, coupled with that she is also the type to get fully immersed in bouncy pop and put out a cracking hot video. Remember previously the twisted up storyline of “Beat Of  My Heart”? a video like that leaves an imprint, yes?!

How about we watch in this time to the newness “That Girl” with Natalia fixing herself up in her finest pulling gear, as she taunts her way through the neighourhood with her trunks and her and lady bumps barley covered.

To be honest given the whole feel of this, I thought we were headed for a Desperately Seeking Susan climax, until a we hit a diversion and a shard of sparks flew out of a welders torch, could we be headed for a Flashdance finale?  I’m not going to give the game away! just you observe Natalia having a fun time out and enjoy this bouncy pop morsel through to it’s intriguing and revealing conclusion.