When hearing the announcement this summer that plans were in place to launch our favourite Ukrainian pop megastar Max Barskih internationally – our feelings were both a mixture of delight and surprise. We have always thought Max has the necessary credentials and artist profile that befit that of a global pop phenom. And have often questioned why his bid for international megastardom has always seemingly been on the back step.

In August, Max made a bold move when he released “Just Fly” being stylistically very different. The vibe, being a modern take on doo-wop, combined with pop sensibilities was showing everyone he is a versatile artist and accomplished mission one. So it is on with the next step, which is, again quite, different. “Tequila Sunrise” is an intoxicating offering. Somewhat moody and notably Hurts, like, (by way of comparison) – a step into the alt-pop arena.

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Max describes the song as being…

“This song is special for me. She is about magnetism between people. About the pain and the dance that will end one way or another. But while the music is playing, the two dissolve into each other.”

The Alan Badoev directed music video approach is more of an art form and less outwardly provocative. But nonetheless. Intimate and sizzling with sexual chemistry. i.e. there is a lot of PDA being expressed. Couples, getting very steamy and into one another. They are brought together by sensual music and a dirty dancing creation.

As I predicted in my blog post for “Just Fly“. I do feel “Tequila Sunrise” exhibits a music style that resonates better with a UK audience. Too bad for us, that Max Barskih did not release this one last week when he was over here in London. We would have so loved to have seen this one played live.

Yes, EQ was there at the London show. Raj made it down to the packed and sold-out gig at Scala. The tickets were a whack load of money as well, £110 each. Raj thought to catch a few highlights for us to take a look at.

Interesting facts:

95% of the show was sung by Max in Ukrainian – no full English songs.

The show was a love letter to his Ukrainian, Russian and Eastern European fans in London.

I have it on good authority from Raj. During the gig, Max mentioned that the next album is sung in English only. Perhaps the Scala show was the last hurrah before the focus switches on the English language market.

To tell the truth, I cannot stop watching this clip. Because I can absolutely feel there was lots of energy in the room.

Do you feel it also?