When the news broke in October from All Hail The Silence that the duo are finally going to release the debut album, we have been craving for some time. I can’t lie, it felt as though Christmas had arrived early. BT and Christian Burns have already bestowed the single “Diamonds in the Snow” on us, as the first taster from “‡(DAGGERS)” which arrives, January 18th on 14 track double CD and double vinyl LP. But with time rapidly counting down to the festive holidays and similarly the album release, AHTS have dropped off another focus track “Temptation.” Which I might add ramps up the levels of excitement to a far greater place than I had imagined possible.

It is the use of analogue synthesisers which is making me particularly giddy for this release. As you will see for yourselves in the accompanying music video for the track. There are plenty of these fantastic keyboard beasts being made use of in the making of “‡(DAGGERS)“, In fact, I gave a sharp intake of breath as a close up of a Fairlight graced the screen. This was only the start of the clip. A few more seconds in, we get to the see the full glory of BT’s working studio. OMG, there are, so many keyboards, housed in that room. It’s like a wonderful Aladdin’s cave of electronica and BT is definitely the genie-us who is masterful of all these vintage machines.

The sound of the synths on the song are, vastly, grand and the melody falls in line with Vince Clarke’s style of production as per the iconic hits he composed as one half of Erasure. Christian Burns voice proves it is the right tool to compete with these stellar machines with power and command being put to use to it’s fullest. It is a match made, in electronic, workshop heaven. After watching and listening to this track, it made me think about when was the last time the Fairlight got to bask in the spotlight like this in recent times. Was it Darren Hayes spectacular 2007 album “This Delicate Thing We’ve Made“? Gosh, unbelievably that is eleven years old already… it’s about time the majesty of the Fairlight charmed the electronic pop world again. With these two phenomenal tracks under their belt, BT and Christian Burns are showing everyone they are the perfect musical act to see this through, giving the project everything they’ve got. This being done in, unquantifiable doses of, passion, commitment, and enthusiasm.

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