You know, I don’t usually cover album reviews on this site. But that doesn’t mean that my listening habits are purely playlist-driven, or I don’t listen to albums at all. I wanted to make that point because, since its release at the end of May, I have enjoyed playing “Succession“, the sophomore album from Avec Sans, a lot. It is a nice hit of synth-pop amazingness. A special indulgent treat that I have gleefully and willingly incorporated into my music diet. Alice, Jack and Willow took time with the sophomore album, wanting to progress their sound and explore the electronic realm further. They have nobly released it independently during a pandemic. I am most grateful that they did. Listening to it has helped me keep on track when I’ve felt a wobble of anxiety kicking in these past few months.

This campaign is no different to any other they have continued with serving us singles aplenty. “Altitude“, “Slow Dance Down“, “I Will Be With You“, and “Backtrack” are joined by “Tell Me“. A track that seems to speak about pushing through the hard times with the help and support of family and friends. Very applicable to the stage where we are now in this COVID 19 pandemic.

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A song of support and encouragement as we venture out and carefully recommence socialising and interacting again. The vibe of the track is very much that of brushing down and picking ourselves back up. In its own way, think of it as a self-help guide. Soothing sonics, vibrant sonics teeming with motivational lyrics. “Tell Me” is on point in musicality and capturing the mood in these times. The music video encapsulates these feelings, expressed in the fluidity of sweeping motions and freestyle dance movements. “Tell Me” is the release we need, while the music video reminds us what freedom feels like. While we can’t all be like an astronaut, we can nevertheless experience similar intoxicating feelings by enjoying a visit to a wide-open space. And luxuriate in the enveloping sonics of “Tell Me“.

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