Jake Sims Valerie Broussard

As an emerging talent, Jake Sims really does hold the cards of excitement for me, it would be imprudent of me to tell you otherwise. I think I might just have used up quite a quota of praisingly descriptive remarks with regard to Jake’s vocal prowess already via the few tracks that Jake has released to Soundcloud, yet this is the bit where I again am able to sing his praises some more.

I am looking at this objectively but Jake’s voice just speaks volumes to me and this time around he is not alone. Jake is joined in vocal harmony with fellow newcomer and equally delightful American singer / songwriter Valerie Broussard, in what I believe for the past few months has been a transatlantic musical labour of love that has happened via the internet for the most part, in perfecting this resulting powerhouse ballad duet “Tell Me (Before You Leave)”.

It takes some seriously powerfully suited vocals to go up against those of Jake Sims I can enlighten upon that as a first hand witness to them, and it appears that in Valerie Broussard the equally young pop talent has both the range and authoritative vocal capabilities to go the distance in song together.

A vocally strong and emotive piece such as this is best served with a film piece to camera and that is exactly what we have to enjoy here.

All this talk about the glorious voices of both Valerie and Jake and I haven’t even slipped in how Jake now gets mistaken in resemblance for Conor Maynard……… oh dear woopsie, it looks like I just did!

Don’t expect me to stop talking about Jake Sims anytime soon either, since he’s currently working towards his debut album, so I’m expecting that there will be further opportunities aplenty for me to be endlessly bowled over by this charming man’s emotively glowing and strikingly impressive vocals.