What did you do when Spotify went down the other day? Maybe you did this, turned to YouTube instead, the same as I did? The Spotify outage had little impact on me, because as a part of my daily routine I check YouTube multiple times. Regardless of the technical hitch. I planned to watch the video for the latest Superorganism track, “Teenager,” that had just gone live.

I love the hyper-pop styling of quirky Superorganism. The band has its own brand of colourful pop weirdness going on. The bands sound is a hybrid of indie-pop and funky electronics, laced with a bit of playfulness. (Well, quite a lot of it in actual fact). They always appear to be on a mission to raise eyebrows. The band’s self-titled first album of 2018 was a fascinating and unique effort. Not least as it boasts a track named “The Prawn Song.” Notably one of the group’s more oddball offerings. As a result, you get the picture, Superorganism is neither average nor boring.

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Announcing “World Wide Pop“. The band’s sophomore album is due on July 15th. It seems clear what they were up to when we were put into lockdown these last two years, doesn’t it?

In 2022 they return as a 5 piece outfit. They are joined with guest collaborators CHAI and Pi Ja Ma for the Stuart Price produced comeback track “Teenager.” A joyous song celebrating adolescence.

“Teenager. Teenager. I’m gonna grow up and be a teenager.” The chant-like refrain affirms with an assertive punch.

Likewise, the music video is typical Y2K aesthetic. The clip directed by AEVA, features actor and comedian Brian Jordan Alvarez (Will and Grace). He is also famous for his YouTube dance videos. In these he is often seen dancing enthusiastically and with abandon. As fans of his videos, Superorganism reached out, inviting him into the immersive and technicolour world of the band.

Their playfulness. Alvarez’s larger than life dance routines. A match.

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