If you haven’t heard about Tara McDonald before, then I have to make you aware that you have a gaping, hole in your dance music knowledge. However, allow me to fill you in about the English/Irish singer-songwriter whose name is synonymous with massive global dance hits including collaborations with Armand Van Helden, Axwell, David Guetta, Snoop Dog and Nicky Romeo. She’s appeared everywhere from London’s Soho to the main stage at festivals including Tomorrowland, Ultra and Exit. And really, if you take a moment to peruse Tara’s bio you’ll see that it documents a ton of achievements that will blow your mind, there’s so many of them. With her new glossy dance track “Taxxxi” she’s about to add even more accomplishments to the list.

The electrifying new single is a saucy dance romp about letting your inhibitions fly out of the taxi window by getting frisky with the jiggy, jiggy on the back seat of the cab. While this might come across as being a sleazy, move, it’s a tad more exciting than hearing about hitting on someone in the nightclub. To be honest with you though, I’m more alarmed that Tara waited in line for a taxi, when surely she’d book herself an Uber ride or is that in itself regarded as an added edge of controversy?

The seriously sexy, ambience of the song is brimming with upbeat potency and sizzling lyrics.The dance-driven approach on this track is indicative of the exhilarating adrenaline rush the after-hours clubber is seeking. I think we can safely conclude that in Tara’s thinking, saucy EDM comes much the same way as she like’s her ride home, branded by a touch of spiciness and emblazoned by triple x’s. The Vixen!

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