How exciting! 2023 is already shaping up as a fantastic year because so many long-awaited music comebacks are happening. Although I did not get the opportunity to mention t.A.T.u. yet, the Russian pop duo of Julia Volkova and Lena Katina. If you did not realise last September, the ladies returned to the stage for the first time as the duo, t.A.T.u. once more, this being a special concert in Minsk (see HERE). It was the 20th anniversary of the duo’s iconic debut single “All The Things She Said,” that brought the ladies back together again. While they did not consider that this is a comeback. Since appearing on the Jara TV programme “Star Review,” Lena Katina let slip new, t.A.T.u. tracks are planned yet did not elaborate further.

Possible reunions aside, Lena continues to release music as a solo artist. With her most recent release, the song “Taxi,” an electro-pop effort that arrived on Friday replete with a tasteful, cinematic-style music video.

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This is a song, which Lena sings in her native Russian, and as such, I do not have the faintest clue what the lyrics mean. Therefore, I look to the Konstantin Cherepkov-directed music video to fill in the gaps. How peculiar that I notice Lena sitting in the driving seat and also as a back seat passenger of the taxi cab, at the same time. The clip is a tad confusing when attempting to figure out what goes on. Since she is guarding it with her life. We find out that the briefcase she carries is vastly significant. What is locked inside? What secret is she keeping from us? This track and video encourage us to draw our own conclusions.

She has announced an upcoming EP is out pretty soon on February 24th.

Until then, we’ll play along with the mysterious nature of this project. Awaiting eagerly and see what turns up next. It does not matter if Lena sings in Russian or English on these new tracks. Only that these songs are in an electro-pop vein, pretty please.

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