Tove Lo 1

We return to one of those staggered album releases which has been continuously teased upon us. In this instance, we refer to Swedish one, Tove Lo’sQueen Of The Clouds”, which has already proved a hit with us on our Top 20 Album List of 2014. We appreciate owing to Tove’s instantly gained popularity wining audiences over with her potent impacting electro pop that she finds herself as a newbie that is much in demand and although we are hearted to hear that her career is expeditiously lifting off elsewhere, we would quite like to have a slice of the album action here available for purchase in the UK sometime soon. Although, obviously when Tove is back to full health following her vocal chord surgery.

While we wait it out, another international release see’s the light of day, with the sultry pop sizzling “Talking Body”, being the chosen one this time around.

As we’ve witnessed from Tove before, she’s not afraid to serve up some provocative video action, and in implementing another night-club themed visual treatment to illuminate upon the explicitly candid lyrics of “Talking Body”, Tove isn’t shy in stepping forward to administer the snogging.