Photo: Paul Rousteau

Thomas Azier gave us plenty to obsess over with his pop noir fashioned singles “Angelene” and “GhostCity” which first piqued our interest in the Dutch man a few years ago. With Azier’s “Hylas” trilogy project bringing much acclaim his way for their epic sounds which have been described as both steeped in the nostalgic but equally exhibiting a flair of the current modern day electronica.

In his period away from the limelight, Thomas didn’t stray far from our minds as we felt a great affinity to his style of music show up in our discovery of the current electronic pop wonder boy, on the hot tip of things – PUZZLE.

During his time ushered away in the studio creating new material multi-instrumentalist Azier has undergone a sound style makeover, but we needn’t be worried a small iota about this! True to form we’re still getting our quota of quality electronic elements, it’s just that they appear subtler and used as embellishments on forthcoming sophomore album’s lead single “Talk To Me”.

Thomas Azier may have swapped his Moogs, Fairlights and Ableton software for that of a 1920’s piano to develop his new song ideas but strangely enough “Talk To Me” has a distinct Frenchness about it. There is a distinct air of artisan chic within the styling and it wouldn’t be realistic to the creative work ethic of Azier if he didn’t associate with the art world in some form. These lay within the video, which gives an insight into the day in the life of Thomas Azier. To which we can be assured there’s little artistic touches along the way, namely it’s in the way that Thomas conducts expressive movements that form the pure art of this video.