Erik Hassle

There must be something circulating in the Scandinavian waters! As first aware a short minute ago that Danish pop crooner Christopher joined now by the plumed frothy red haired Swedish one Erik Hassle have both undergone a re-launch and in doing so have gone about it with an urban pop glow that pools reflection to Justin Timberlake.

The growth of direction from both artists is soothingly trendy at present and is more noticeably apparent from Erik on new spin “Talk About It”.

Erik impresses with velvety vocals intonating the content of emotional heartbreak stylishly complemented against an ominous backdrop of muted sonic layering that furthers upon its expansively relatable impact.

And with a fore-mention of Timberlake, like so many of these pop personages that dabble in the global stars urban pop footsteps the video echo’s one of Justin’s first run of iconic video’s – yes it’s a blonde in a shower scene! but nonetheless, superbly correlates with the subject matter.