We have another new track from Kate Havnevik. It is the third lifted from the Norwegian experimental artist, composer, producer and musicians next studio album out this Autumn. Following on from previous singles “Starlight Fires” and “Into Dark“, Kate, with the additional assistance from Guy Sigsworth (Björk, Madonna, Britney, Imogen Heap, AURORA), the track “Taking Flight” has a delightful charm of its own. So far, during this album campaign, Kate has tempted us with, airy light music box (“Starlight Fires“) and electronically charged (“Into Dark”) offerings. “Taking Flight” brings a sense of shimmering wonderment while exploring a glorious widescreen styled soundscape.

Again, Kate has aligned this release with what is happening with the current social climate. We are at the stage in the pandemic where we are regaining more of our freedom’s back. It feels lovely yet also feels slightly daunting. The press release describes the Gotti Sigurdarson directed music video that runs alongside the emotive pop track, as being – “a transition from distance and isolation into unity and connection.”

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Also, within the music, Kate and Guy create a melodic backdrop steeped in transcendental allure. As the music gently builds, we believe we can soar with it. It is like a sonic mixture of overwhelming feelings with belief in ourselves centred at the core.

Speaking on the creative vision for the visual, director Gotti Sigurdarson shares…

“When I first heard the song, I couldn’t get the image of an 80s teenage movie out of my head. The first thing I put down on paper was, “imagine Molly Ringwald’s whole film career in the 80s, distilled into a stylish, and expressive three-minute dance performance.” I didn’t want to recreate the 80s, but I wanted the feeling of the typical 80s teen flick, with angst, excitement and heartbreaks.”

While definitely there is no neon insight, Footloose nor Flashdance dance moves. Gotti has met the brief. Kate describes the clip… “Teenagers, hanging out together just wanting to be…Breathe, love and exist.”

Kate’s, beautiful music too, got elevated to an even more heavenly place that is not of this earth.

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