Australian duo Lastlings were brought to my attention last year by way of their stunning electronica and singles “Deja Vu,” “I’ve Got You” and “Last Breath.” The siblings left a powerful impression with me. Their emotive melodies, stylish beats, and ultra-modern, musicality landed them on my radar. I instantly, knew (it was a no brainer) they were ones to watch. As well as catching my ear, they’ve been snapped by the Astralwerks label, which is wholly exciting for band members Amy and Josh Dowdle. More exciting for us, is that they have returned with their first single of, 2020. “Take My Hand,” a pristine and beat-driven slice of electronica formed from pockets of experimental pop.

Take My Hand” is about two people who are unprepared to let go of each other. They both care about each other deeply but have to go their separate ways. We took inspiration for this song from one of our favourite animes, “Your Name” by Makoto Shinkai” says Lastings.

Stylistically, the track rocks a dark disco meets galactic pop vibe. Where the throbbing bass-line assists with lifting the sonically evolved soundscape from a swirling bed of synth sound into a widescreen electronica masterpiece. Within the track, I hear glimpses of Monarchy meeting Royksopp. It’s intense, intoxicating and sealed with high-bar production values. When checking out the accompanying music video for the first time, it made me question the eery like goings-on. As, at the present time, it does feel off-centre to be looking at visuals featuring any type of medical environment, if we can help it. The Inceptionesque world, lastlings replicate for “Take My Hand” sees the pair operate a mind-altering device that transports people through moments in time that they wish they could revisit for better or worse. The clip does have a strong sense of staying connected and keeping memories alive. With many of us, now social distancing or self-isolating, it is as though this music video is driving home the message of checking in on our family and friends. We may have arrived at this way of thinking by default, after watching this superb video, but how relatable it feels to all that is going on in the world at the moment.

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