CTA Loves You

While it’s nothing new of an EDM act to play their own part incognito in preference of concentrating their project onto a higher visually concepted trajectory, I don’t think I’ve come across an act yet that identifies themselves by plonking a Rubiks cube head upon their shoulders.

Emerging UK based dance music trio CTA Loves You, do though, and they also tune into the extreme gaming culture on new single “Take It Over”.

From the opening chip tune intro and exaggerated synth plonking that are duly obliterated by a thunderous bassline, the lines between real time reality and virtual blur into a google eyed quest for one video gaming hero. Who, when armed with an Atari joystick slays the virtual worlds evil forces one by one, but spends so much time riveted in front of his computer immersed in his virtual life, remains unaware of the duration elapsed in real time – a bit like when we all go on that quick google search, that turns into an hour and a half most times.

Anyway, “Take It Over” itself is rather BOOM – TING  EDM explosive with drum and bass and all that and if you geek over video games you’ll probably be going in there with your laser gun smoking out the baddies also.