Goldfrapp’s latest album “ g>Silver Eye” lived up to its promise of being primed with an innovative collection of tracks which are steeped in a sheen of otherworldly artistry. The long player is percolated to creative boiling point by the nature of its use of underground electronic tones and ethereally placed vocals.

Silver Eye” is the epitome of embarking on a bold odyssey. What it delivers is the kind of vividly, intelligent electronica which is unflinching and conceptually enlightening throughout. To properly appreciate the experience that is transmitted through the dramatic web of pristine mastery and impeccable creativeness, it best to take time out to become immersed in this eruditely informed, electronically engineered exploit.

Such an artfully approached album therefore becomes the deserving suitor of striking and aesthetically pleasing visuals to complement and enhance the artistically rich soundscapes therein. Something that Alison Goldfrapp herself was keen to explore but under a new cap of film direction. Yes, Alison makes her directorial debut on the video for the synth levitated and mystically majestic “Silver Eye” album track “Systemagic”. It features moon worshipers who have had lessons in contemporary dance, by the looks of it. The whole thing has a very ritualistic vibe, quite pagan and spiritually leaning.

It’s most pleasing to the eye, which is probably the most important thing about it. If Alison chooses employ body beautiful dancers to convey the metaphysical mood of “Silver Eye’s” lyrical narratives. Then who are we to question why we should indulge in watching the sensual movements of skin on skin and bordering on explicit glimpses of nakedness but to enjoy it for being the piece of art, which it truly is.