By the averages of pop law, there is always a new Scandinavian emerging artist coming up through the ranks, armed with at least a handful of stunning tunes. Like Tove Lo and Sigrid who came before her, excitement is now starting to build around Finnish singer Lxandra. She is particularly causing quite a stir with her latest track “Swimming Pools“. A nice, pleasant piano-driven ode, urging us to appreciate the small joys in life. Rather than excessively spend money on an extravagant lifestyle. As being rich in material wealth does not necessarily make for being rich in happiness and well-being. Lxandra is an impressive, lyricist. You will be pleased to hear it is her way with words and beautiful, clear voice which makes her far better choice at giving these life lessons than me.

The song has a reflective vibe and is portrayed as though being sung to a life-long friend. It is though the singer is taking stock of growing into her adult life. She chooses a way forward by sticking to the principles that have guided her thus far, and not caving into peer pressure. She sings “You’re still a kid and I’m still a kid. Oh, I feel as rich as hell. I’ve made up my mind I’ll stick to my life, I won’t be listening when I feel like this world can be a little bitch sometimes.” It is a song with a moral tone. Sweet but not preachy. Has a blissful charm all of its own.

The accompanying music video is a cute depiction of the singer adopting a happy-go-lucky spirit. Why would Lxandra need a swimming pool her backyard, when she can set-up her piano on a beach. A dining room is as good as good a place to go dancing, so why visit a dance studio? These are among the ideas which are explored in the adorable clip.

There will be more in the way of new music from Lxandra coming later in the year. I hope to be every bit as a charmed by these future releases as I am by the gorgeously, uplifting “Swimming Pools“.

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