So you know how Florence quite threw us for sixpence and guyed it up amazingly for her part in Calvin Harris’sSweet Nothing” video, feed off of that creative energy now and I’ll bring you something equally different but inspired in part by the Scottish DJ and the seraphim indie folk pop singer.

The mastermind of all things mashable pop behind this quirky idea, lay with Brisbane bright spark and visionary Stephen Carmichael, who immerses himself into the new wave era of the 80’s and has more than an interestingly refreshing slant on the electric era, that the 20 year old didn’t even live through.

Stephen showcases his 80’s innovative visions by dissecting Calvin’sSweet Nothing” and breathing some 80’s life into it by tribute to Phil Collins seminal classic “In The Air Tonight”.

This is a truly bonza ingenious feat actually, as the result is inventively stimulating, brooding, dreamy and emotively resourceful.

The video too, is aesthetically art cool in the brushstrokes of a Mr Fogg paint job and I do also like how Stephen has swapped Calvin’s trademark flyeye wear for scuba goggles. It’s all turned out simple by design and idea, but boosted by its slick smart production.

Bonza points!  There’s a FREE download to be having too.

[youtube height=”360″ width=”640″][/youtube]