You might well mistakenly make the assumption, given the striking promo image above that I’ve strayed over to the realm of movie reviews. But really no this isn’t the case. As I’ll leave those kinds of entertainment analysis pieces to my more knowledgeable friends Phil and Raj – Boys On Film, to keep you informed of what’s hot and uber-relevant in the world of television and film. Plus anyone who knows Raj will know he is a Wonder Woman superfan, I would never attempt to write a think piece, he’d probably give me a roasting for trying! Allow me to set you straight, even though she looks every inch the Amazonian princess superhero type, Eshtar is a half Ukrainian and half Iraqi singer and not a cast member of the upcoming movie sequel “Wonder Woman 1984.” The Kiev-born singer has just released an album “Sound Of World“, and I wanted to bring to your attention “Sweet Lie” the opening track from it.

I’ll begin by saying, I’ve come to recognise Ukrainian female singers, in particular, are very good at dark pop, which offers up haunting vocals set against pulsating electro beats. You need to look no further than the Bloom Twins for a prime example. Likewise, Eshtar comes off the same page making dark, electronic music which is striking, emotive and holds nothing back. The album “Sound Of World” addresses the singers challenging life while remaining relevant to all listeners.

The music video which accompanies “Sweet Lie” does a very good job of making Eshtar’s presence felt, in a big way. That’s, even bigger than the already impressionably, big song itself. Let’s not stumble around in the dark, trying to figure out what makes the clip so alluring. It’s all down to lighting, namely the neon lighting effects which draw the eye into Eshtar’s visual realm under a spell of rainbow colours. What’s particularly impressive about “Sweet Lie” and “Sound Of World” is she creates her own music using different types of software; programming and arranging tracks herself. This freedom to build songs from scratch has opened up a world of new possibilities for Eshtar, one that allows her to be the producer, sound engineer and vocalist on every project she works with. With her label Maître, producer, Tomash Lukach and a songwriter producer, Jay Bardachenko, Team Eshtar has pulled off a spectacular body of work.

Connect with Eshtar
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eshtarofficial
Twitter: @eshtarofficial
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eshtarmusic/