How have I not really gotten into Little Dragon before, when they are both Swedish, dabble heavily in quirky electronic pop and have been in existence for more than a decade? It’s a big question I’m asking myself right now. I mean they already have a “Best Of” album out. Received a Grammy nomination last year for Best Dance Electronic Album and yet I’ve somehow managed to bob along without knowing so much about them.

Over time though, these guys have remained fearless to the cause of experimental electronica, making dance music more interesting. They are avant garde in a way which is made digestible by a crossover of trip-hop beats, dreamy vocals and guided by an adventurous streak, that has never wavered.

I feel everything of this blissfully eclectic mix comes to the fore in Little Dragon’s freshly released track “Sweet” which is being used to lead us into “Season High”, the bands 5th Studio album, which comes with anticipated released date of early May.

Haven’t heard chiptune sounds making their way into pop for a bit, and in the hand of innovators such as Little Dragon, the results pushing through via of a combination of trippy dance beats and vintage Atari 8-bit, MIDI synthesized bleeps are balanced to perfection.

Yukimi and her Little Dragon band mates back the nu-retro shaped disco pop of this saccharine sweet dancefloor filler with a jittery, hallucinogenic video, that’s pleasingly enjoyable yet quite Deee-Litefully a bit off its head. If it doesn’t tell you to cut down on the candy kids and seek your sugar rush in an holistic alternative that will be much better for you. Then I guess we’ll be meeting up in Little Dragon’s instant zen pad way up there on a cotton candy cloud at some point.