The gorgeous ladies of XELLE are working hard to get their unique brand of “megapop” noticed… and for very good reason. JC Cassis and Rony G are two talented independent artists who know how to deliver infectious dance tracks with a high amount of energy. Their latest effort, “Sweat“, is no different.

Originally featured on the duo’s debut Queens EP alongside former member Mimi Imfurst, “Sweat” was a catchy romper filled with not-so-subtle sexual innuendos and top notch vocals, but for the single’s recent re-release, the new duo reworked some portions to give the track a dominating female presence. Instead of a political statement, like those found in “Invincible” and “Red Flag”, the girls of XELLE are flirting with lust and seduction for their new project.

The reworked version of the single features JC and Rony tackling the three-minute pop track alone, without Imfurst on the impressive rap-like verse. The song does have some minor changes, however, it maintains its sophisticated and fun sex appeal with a beat that pairs well with the girls’ vocals and overall carefree vibe. “There’s no telling what I’m going to do, ’cause I’m a freak, when I come to you,” the girls sing on one of the verses before the chorus explodes.

For the colorful and campy six-minute music video, XELLE call on Bianca Del Rio, Andrew W. K, and Sherry Vine for cameo appearances as the two ladies work up a deserved sweat with the help of the delicious and hunky Svet Thunder. Featuring over-the-top costumes of perfection created by Geoffrey Mac, a “Physical” workout-inspired dance routine and priceless facial expressions, the visual is the perfect companion for “Sweat“, and may just be the group’s best release to date in terms of production and aesthetic.

XELLE are a true talent. With the re-release of “Sweat“, the girls continue down the right path for a future, expected pop takeover.