Franklin Lake

It’s to be considered early days for up-and-coming London based boy band Franklin Lake but that’s not to say in delivering their debut cut “Supersonic” that these lads haven’t already shared some time under the super trooper beam of the big time stage lights. Because you see, Franklin Lake have already shared the performance bill with acts such as Union-J, Olly Murs, Dappy and Wretch 32 and furthermore have bagged themselves some quite big named producers onside in working towards their debut material.

Of which, a fine example of, springs forward in the urban focused, pop sensitive debut “Supersonic”.

I Know what you’re thinking, when you visit these pages here at EQ, oh a boy band! But I’m honestly of the opinion that Franklin Lake are not to be given the side-eye roll on this occasion. Besides their style of sound speaks volumes for itself, as slinky throwback disco grooves emanate in blissful alignment with the lads soulful backed vocal harmony. Think upon Franklin Lake as more manband but in junior sized jackets and suits.

Besides another reason I felt it prudent to bring Franklin Lake direct to your attention, is quite simply that they have the smouldering look nailed are armed ready and flaunt it all the way through their not too shabby debut pop video. SWOON!

Franklin Lake are allegedly one of the industry’s tipped acts to breakthrough this year, and I’m saying that this debut is not half bad actually and is more of the kind of boy band pop I’d be prepared to listen too any day over the current trend of teeny bopsters.