Charli XCX 2

Wow is Charli XCX’sTrue Romance” debut album campaign over already? – really it is! and with it there goes the hope I was holding onto that “Take My Hand” would be released as a single also (really it should have been).

You see pop kittens Charli appears to have put to bed the “True Romance” era, sparking a surprise announcement earlier this week that new material introducing the sophomore album would be forthcoming in days.

Fast forward, it is here and twinkling it’s pop goodness at us in the form of “SuperLove”. It carries more of a disco / dance pop vibe than most other Charli XCX’s previous tracks and the young pop starlet is said to have taken her inspiration from 80’s female fronted bands The Waitresses and Bow Wow Wow within the new pop direction of “SuperLove”. Inevitably it is characteristically Charli XCX though, as her bubble pop goth aura shines above the neon disco vibe.

Charli took a pitstop through recording the new album and currently touring out her debut to put together a quirky video clip for “SuperLove” whilst in Tokyo at the Robot Restaurant.

Bubble pop goth meets power rangers = a hella lot of neon love.