Do you know what is sounding really good right now? For us, it’s totally this new track from Nick Pes!

In what amounts to the Sydney electronic pop maestro’s best work to date. Nick’s “Sunsets” is bringing on a feeling of chilled house, dance grooves and deeper hints of new-wave styled sensibilities.

An elixir of evocative sophistication which exhibits intoxicating qualities that make it to be all consuming of attention at first listen.

That is not all, as the video is quite stunning in its capture, ideology and direction. It gives a new perspective on an on-going story between two lovers, under the administration of a futuristic dynamic.

Based around cult sci-fi and Neo Noir films, here’s Nick to elaborate upon the Josh Harris directed clip further. “We wanted to explore how science and technology will affect our relationships in the future. What additional ethical and emotional challenges will we face? Josh came up with the idea of two lovers who decide to be cryogenically frozen together, and one backs out at the last minute.

As far as, feeling connected and being right in there with the story as the develops. Cast, crew and director have met their end goals.