Skrillex being one of the most recognized artists in the dubstep scene has kept us thirsty with his music videos and live performances. So now he decided us to give us more with the release of a new video for his track “Summit”from his fourth EP entitled “Bangarang”, and an unexpected release of his FIFTH EP “The Leaving”. 


So let’s start off with the video – “Summit” was one special track from Bangarang as it has being blessed with Ellie Goulding’s flawless voice. The video gives us different footage from Skrillex’s shows and parties, that I only wish I could have been part of. Watch the video below and appreciate the smokin hot craziness I am talking about:

[youtube height=”360″ width=”640″][/youtube]


The “Leaving” EP includes 3 brand new songs: “Leaving”, “Scary Bolly Dub” and “The Reason” – I have not been disappointed by this one. Praise the Lord.

Skrillex sticks to his heavy-based dubstep mix as shown to us in “The Reason” and “Scary Bolly Dub”tracks, and becomes more calm on “The Leaving”, which is one point extra to the EP. Why did Skrillex mix his song “Scary Monster” and “Nice Sprites” to this new song “SBD”? God only knows. But he did a good job making it the most outstanding song on the EP. You can take a bite of Skrillex new EP on the YouTube playlist below and let us know if you likey.