I am beginning to think ALMA is being slept on lately, and I am a little perplexed why this is. Notably, with her last album cycle, UK radio frequently picked up on her. Yet on the most recent single releases of “Everything Beautiful” and “I Forgive Me.” The radio support seems to have died down. Whereas ALMA is now presenting a new pop sound in the new music. What matters most now are the fans, their support and their belief in her as she makes new strides. I do, however, have a contrasting opinion to that which seems to have come into play regarding Alma’s latest tracks. Where I feel the music she is producing has gone up several notches lately. And that the latest track, “Summer Really Hurt Us,” comes out on top for me thus far.

So far as changes go. In the new songs, the lyrics and themes have turned evermore confessional. Because of this, the stories come from an internalized place where ALMA utilizes her musical talent to heal and seek redemption. Her song “Everything Beautiful” dealt with growth and change. “I Forgive Me” spoke about learning to find our own happiness. “Summer Really Hurt Us” looks at how we pick ourselves up after messing up and losing control. In my view, these tracks suggest that the sophomore album (slated for release next year) is centred around a concept.

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When I hear this song, musically, it reminds me of something Ava Max might do. Namely, because the melody is upbeat and punchy while also having an air of drama to it. What we are experiencing in “Summer Really Hurt Us” is ALMA in her anthem era, and she is, without a shadow of a doubt owning it.

I also think the music video is her best one yet as well. This is because she nailed the mood just right for the song.

But please, if I might have one request. Let’s get “Summer Really Hurt Us” some UK radio play.

ALMA has surprised us by announcing a short run of European tour dates. She will headline, Omeara, London on November 23rd (Ticket info and details HERE).

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