Calvin Harris 1

Top marks to Calvin Harris, as he could have quite easily given us a video compiled of a country field filled with a sea of festival frolicking bobbing heads to go alongside his EDM ravey anthem “Summer”.

Instead he’s settled for a glimpse of life in the fast lane, which is illuminated predominantly by a drag race. Yet, it is not of the usual sorts we write of here on EQ. NO! nothing like the antics of RuPaul’s hunt for the most glamorous and hottest drag queen! We’re talking the shiny engines, the automobiles, the motor sports kind of dragsters. Boohoo!

Alright, it’s not all boring or anything, as Calvin has overseen that there is a lottie of hot tottie and athletic body gorgeousness babecandy to be coming right up into our eyeline throughout, plus there’s a split second cameo from the buff actor type Jason Statham (maybe he was getting some practice in for his upcoming role on “Fast and Furious 7” perhaps?)

An action packed video that is equally as fast paced thrilling as the song itself, you just can’t go wrong with that tried and tested package of thought, audio and vision at all, can you?!