Buckle-up EQ’s cyber pop renegade Veronika Vesper returns from her kick ass sassy buzz single outing of the between the eyes assertive “Fuck The Ego” to focus upon her debut single “Suffocate”.

What a dynamic treat of audio and visual creativeness it is that Veronika brings with her.

Duelled in dark and light, “Suffocate” rises up through a bed of atmospheric electronics to bulldozer it’s way into the edgerly diverse pop arena of clattering drum’n’bass. It is a pattern that very much align’s to the informative narrative of the lyrics which projects a message of courage and determination required in breaking free from inhibitions and constraints.

Most notably it’s been a while since I’ve been transfixed by a pop video! Veronika though has got me all eyeballs at this accompanying cyberly idiosyncratic visual artpiece visual.