Having put in a lot of effort last weekend. I am getting caught up with what’s been going on in music while I was away on vacation. With that said, I am still in the holiday frame of mind because of the sunshine finally coming out these past few days. The result of both these things is I have hankered for unapologetic sunshine pop tracks in my music listening this week. Consequently, but not surprisingly. I was immediately drawn to the track “Substitution,” the latest release from Purple Disco Machine, Kungs because it is noted for its disco influence.

In his latest offering, Purple Disco Machine has linked with Kungs. A fresh-faced producer recognised for his ‘house music’ styled productions, hailing from the south of France. This collaboration of internationally acclaimed producers has sought influence from an instantly recognisable 80s hit, which thankfully isn’t “Blue” by Eiffel 65. Instead, Purple Disco Machine and Kungs are sampling the iconic 1984 hit “Big in Japan” from Alphaville. On its own, a track my fifteen-year-old self was massively obsessed with back in the day.

They bring “Big In Japan” into 2023 by interpolating the rhythmically catchy synth-pop melody with shimmering Italo-disco stylings. They also beef up the bassline for a bit of added oomph.

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Obviously, if a music video weren’t interesting to watch or amazing, or both, I wouldn’t draw your attention to it. The clip for “Substitution” is at least one of those things. Strange things happen when Purple Disco Machine (Tino Schmidt) stops to pick up a hitchhiker, Kungs (Valentin Brunel) in the Swim Club-directed video. Mysterious, unexplainable happenings occur. Therefore you should take a look at it if, at the very least, it is a method of getting people to listen to this splendid tune.

Let’s face it, everyone loves 80s-influenced disco-pop from time to time. “Substitution” happens to be brilliantly good…

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