I’m not certain if it was my recent comment (in the post for Wafia “I’m Good”) about the Dutch not being very, noticeable for rearing pop artists, that struck a chord, somewhere. Because in my inbox I’ve found an email from the Dutch songwriters and producers Future Presidents. It informed me of their latest collaboration with a rising Netherlander, fifteen-year-old Stefania. Her resume is already glowing, having taken part in the Dutch edition of The Voice Kids and as a participant of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The submission read as though, the Dutch have found their own Zara Larsson. And on closer inspection of Stefania’s debut single “Stupid Reasons,” they could well be right in making these early claims.

I’m impressed with how fun the vibe of “Stupid Reasons” is. The melody is suitably poppy and effervescing with a nice flow to it. You wouldn’t expect anything different of a fifteen-year-old girl singer, wanting to sing about boys, because yes this is, totally what most fifteen-year-old girls will be talking about, day in day out. She’s not yet out of high school but is already turning out a heartbreak pop song. This did impress upon me, that the millennials really do start their dating earlier and earlier these days.

I like the song, I think it is a great fit with Stefania’s commanding pop voice. Props go to Joachim Vermeulen Windsant and Maarten ten Hove of Future Presidents for the lyrics of the song, they’ve got the young mood nailed, they are down with the kids. The best of the narrative comes in the chorus, with a refrain which goes like this “I’m not lovesick, I’m sick of love. The doctors said that I took to much of your bullshit.” “I’m not love drunk, I’m sober now. You’re nothing but a bad hangover now.”

Stupid Reasons” is an impressive first outing for the young singer and a good stepping stone for taking her music to the big leagues. With her approachable down to earth presence, drive and talent, there is no stopping this dedicated, singer from reaching stardom.

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