It’s been awhile since we had any relevant news to report on Sergey Lazarev with the last bit of news being his music video with T. Pain for “Cure The Thunder” back in March, but voila – we have something new!

Sergey Lazarev has just dropped his brand new video for “Stumblin” which pretty much documents a night out on the tiles for the Russian superstar. In all fairness, this music video might as well be a liquor advertisement, but nonetheless, it’s a spunky track and video. “Stumblin” won’t go down as one of my all-time favorite projects by Sergey Lazarev, but it’s nice to get new visuals from him every-so-often that remind me exactly why he is the king of Eastern European pop.

My favorite scene in the video you ask? The end.

I’m sure Putin might even raise an eyebrow or an arrest warrant for that humorous little closing…