I wasn’t aware of indie-pop artist Alex Di Leo until Raj began filing in reports about his findings at SXSW last year. It is always good to make new music discoveries and I must say when Raj introduced us to Alex’s track “Brooklyn Bridge,” I could fully understand his appreciation and excitement of making this new find. On the song, the Florida based singer-songwriter gave a good taste of his indie-pop sensibilities with a splash of electronic panache. But I am also given to understand Alex favours using the guitar. Therefore, we shouldn’t be startled if we hear more of this come through in his subsequent releases. With the recent release of new track “Strange Open Land“, (the title track of his sophomore EP,) we get a chance to find out just how rock, pop or electronic driven he is taking things of late.

Gathering much of the inspiration for his songs by travelling, sharing new experiences and journeys, is the thread which unites the basis of the EP, “Strange Open Land.” This particular track focuses on capturing the thrilling essence of young love. Hitting the open road, taking a ride out in your trusty automobile and sharing the best of times with a significant other. They say the worlds your oyster, yet Alex and video, love-interest co-star Moyra Pickup are kicking up a dust trail and trailblazing through the desert as a source of recreation.

There isn’t much of a glimmer of electronics making their presence felt on this offering, but the song is incredibly jaunty, and highly melodic, instead. The vocals are on point and dare I say, reveal a tiny slice of the singer-songwriters former pop-rock background. I have a suspicion that maybe The Killers were an early inspiration of Alex’s. I just think from what I’ve heard and how he looks, he reminds me quite a bit of Brandon Flowers. I don’t think Brandon would think twice about jumping into a swimming pool fully clothed for the art’s sake of making a pop music video and neither does Alex. He even keeps his shades on because he is well and truly a pop rockstar, isn’t he. He’s definitely on right the road to getting there.

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