Anyone can tell you, in a position such as I am fortunate to find myself in, that new female solo artists have been seen to be predominantly edging into one of three territories of inspiration, or maybe emulation? this year, namely, headed towards Lorde, Lana or BANKS.

Seriously the amount of solo female new acts that have been pitched towards me in this respect leave me in no other resolve that the pop girls are expanding into a seriously growing moodier direction.

Charlotte OC is one such artist though that has already stood out from the moody pack, when she came to our attention last year through her powerfully bewitching release “Colour My Heart”.

Following up with an equally haunting new release in “Strange”, Charlotte OC again demonstrates an emotive depth through the use of minimal, spacey soundscapes and sensually lingering, broodily delivered vocals.

In the video you can expect to see a giant angel cape, burning pits of fire, shots of Charlotte OC’s hair being blown about by a wind-machine in slo-mo and moody looks aplenty from the rapidly up and coming artist.

In conclusion, we should make exception to open up to this growing ambiently haunting style within the pop spectrum, I’d say it’s perfectly OK that it be Charlotte OC that represents Britain on this.