I have only once made a passing reference to the Melbourne, Australia-based artist, lyricist and songwriter ALLDAY on the blog before when teaming up with Australia pop sensation Mallrat for the 2018 track “UFO.” It’s been a wait but now ALLDAY earns a blog post of his own. ALLDAY’s upcoming fourth album “Drinking With My Smoking Friends,” veers into guitar pop territory. The tracks already released from it “Void” and “After All This Time” showcase a rather indie-pop sensibility as well. These tracks are more pop-leaning than all of ALLDAY’s previous efforts. In a significant shift for the artist who established themselves as a rapper, he’s even sneaking in some synths for the track “Stolen Cars.”

With the album “Drinking With My Smoking Friends“, it is ALLDAY’s intention to chart the story of two lovers, a kind of disillusioned Bonnie and Clyde, hellbent on fleeing a dead-end town with stars in their eyes.

“It is about escaping something and finding something new, whether that’s a place, a relationship or something else,” notes ALLDAY’s Tom Gaynor. “Stolen Cars” is about two people who think they can get away from everything and start over,” he explains further.

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The song notably exhibits a feeling of optimism. It feels right and in keeping for a track where ALLDAY has gone all out with diversifying his style in sound. Gee, the melody is so gleaming and synth shiny you could even dance to this one. Or at least bop up and down to it if your joints have ceased up a bit because of not being in a club/concert/festival setting for so long. There is no need for me to go deep into the music video since it pretty much tracks the story told within the lyrics. It is cool to see a music video that finely details every aspect of the storytelling actually. Why would ALLDAY not showcase his talent for songwriting when he clearly has a natural affinity for conveying his thoughts and feelings into lyrics. So if you’ve been feeling at all, a bit jaded and yearning for adventure. Seek out this track. The youthful energy exhibited in “Stolen Cars” will most likely bring out the kidadult in you.

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