Not enough fuss is being made over Danish newcomers Saint Best to my mind, the Copenhagen based four piece launched just last year with 80’s nu-retro stylised debut “In The Morning” and it came with a somewhat provocative video which used food as sexual innuendo. I really, like the indie electronic direction the band are going in and, I think fans of Young Kato or Fenech-Soler will especially appreciate the sonic template from which Saint Best operate. “Stay” is the band’s fourth single release since launching and, they’ve shaken off the cheery veneer that has become familiar on previous tracks, replacing it with a bolder synthronic approach that indie lovers and electro-heads will equally fall charmed too.

A video to accompany the track has just been, unveiled and the focus this time isn’t on quirky storylines. Instead, the action is centred around the band, themselves doing what they do best performing on stage. Briefly, there are little scenes where we see the Saint Best vocalist and frontman Christian Bonne out enjoying the countryside as a way to free his mind from the stresses, drama and chaos of every day twenty-first-century life. Mostly, it forms the best introduction to the band that we’ve seen as yet.

Saint Best are catching the attention of the Danish music industry they are signed with Fake Diamond Records, whose first label signing was Oh Land. Now if this isn’t an omen for a great future, I don’t know what is. For now, the band continue increasing their festival appearances and, I’m hoping these performances will expand beyond Denmark to a greater extent in 2018. It is crucial Saint Best get themselves heard at bigger showcase events like Eurosonic and, in turn, I am hopeful that it will lead to a trip over to the UK of course. They proved they have the music what they need to do now is to get it audiences that will appreciate it.

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