steve grand stay

Country music has a new voice drawing media attention for all the right reasons.

Following the Internet frenzy caused by his brave and personal debut single, “All-American Boy”, out country artist Steve Grand shows no signs of slowing down with a recent intimate performance at Austin Pride and the release of his second official single and music video, “Stay”.

Grand is reminiscing on a past love with his new single and delivering an incredible vocal performance in the process. “Stay with me all summer, stay with me under the covers, stay with me and be my lover,” the country artist sings to the man who has captured his heart from the season.

“I was seeing this one guy. Shortly after I wrote the song, he broke up with me,” Grand says. “A few months later, the inspiration came back. I was reflecting on the love from the summer I lost in the fall.”

The music video, released on Friday, showcases Grand’s charming good looks and carefree summer fun with laughter with friends, a swim in Lake Michigan, BBQs and out of control foods fights. There are no roaring lions, no over-the-top costume changes or twerking Disney stars, just a touching story of wondering when the love was lost.

“Summer is about freedom. I tried to capture that in the video. It’s a reawakening, it’s about summer love, about being young and free,” Grand says.

With high production quality, a fun in the sun vibe and a shirtless Grand, the music video is one the artist says he is very happy with. He calls himself a “creatively driven person” and the visual is something he truly believes in, done for his fans. It carries a feeling of triumph.

“The video for ‘Stay’ was funded 100 percent by the contributions from ‘All-American Boy’,” he says. “This has all been done because of the support of my fans.”

A day after the video’s release, Grand traveled to Austin, Texas for a four-song, intimate performance at the annual Pride festival where fans were treated to renditions of “All-American Boy”, “Stay”, a brand new track titled “Goodbye To Your Man” and a cover of Lady Gaga’s “You and I”, a song Grand says has inspired his career.

Grand is now planning more new music with the release of a possible EP and album in the near future. With two successful singles released thus far, and the premiere of new material, the country artist is moving forward with his love for music, but no set release date on any projects has been announced.

“I am always working on new music and I’m constantly changing my mind,” Grand says. “Right now I work for the people supporting me.”

Watch the new video for “Stay” and try not to fall absolutely in love with it.