I have enjoyed discovering many new Australian acts this year, yet, it is equally as nice to return to an older favourite electronic-pop outfit and take in the latest release. Aussie beatmakers SAFIA’s tracks “Make Them Wheels Roll” and “My Love Is Gone” featured heavily in my music picks for 2016. They came from the trio’s debut album “Internal” which set the band on course for plenty of tour commitments. As you would expect in the interim there has since been some chill time taken by SAFIA, but it seems they are now raring to let us into their music space once again. As they have begun to sneak one or two new tracks out recently, and are going in a new direction with current offering “Starlight.”

The track is a dedicated slab of EDM, fitted with a grinding future-forward groove. It features breathy, spectral vocals which have seen a brush with autotune vocoder technology so they glint with cunning otherworldliness. And to befit a track titled “Starlight.” Because we haven’t heard much from the band of late, and since there isn’t really much of 2018 remaining, SAFIA have gone all out on the tracks music video and made it visually extra special.

The band refer to the clip as the multiverse video. SAFIA explain…

“At its heart “Starlight” is a song about letting go, all the creative choices represent that sentiment so we wanted to create a video that continued on with that theme. For this reason, we wanted to make something that was world building and indicative of the song’s journey. Hopefully, this cosmic visual journey created will encourage you to get lost in the world of “Starlight“.

The chart-topping Aussie’s have also delved into the world of virtual/augmented reality with this track, working with VR/AR artist SUTU on the official artwork, which comes to life when you view it with the Eyejack App.

The four-minute clip is a visual feast of regally coloured nebulas, representing yet to be discovered interstellar universes. If you think about it, the theme suitably slots in nicely with the bands signature trait of crossing frontiers with their music. The band are currently working on their next album, hopeful they’ll be smashing out even more of their genre-defying tracks during the next 12 months.

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