We won’t find NEO 10Y trying to score a chart hit, but we will find them using intricate narratives, sharp lyricism and emboldened artistry to get important messages across in their music. During February we checked in on the project’s “Reality Check” release. Where the empowering track explored topics around tackling patriarchy and injustice. With new effort “Stan Yourself” the message conveyed is self-love/self-realisation for the end goal of world peace.

Don’t expect the video to be anything less than an expression of mesmerising art, relating to purposeful issue’s which more often than not are the blight of every day modern life. As NEO 10Y enlightens further…

“The video for Stan Yourself is a conceptual story of manifesting our future and moving into a higher state of consciousness, from blue to indigo, dystopia to utopia, 3D to 5D, the past to the future.”

The title of the track links back to Eminem and his popularisation of the term stan, seen through his release of the same name. We now observe the meaning to be that of an overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity. In the case of, “Stan Yourself” NEO 10Y are suggesting that we pour as much love into the wellness of ourselves first and foremost.

The video echoes some of the scenes and is visually suggestive in parts of the Eminem world-wide hit, namely the sections of footage which feature the stalker wall. NEO 10Y, Nik Thakkar imparts a timely reminder with this spiritually defined music and art package. The release is visually resplendent, while the narrative is intense and full of meaning. Poignantly affecting, an exploration of bittersweet, of darkness and of emerging into the light, “Stan Yourself” has it all.

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