Some people might not like that in the new track, the Danish superstar recycles the 1996, #1 hit from Babylon Zoo. I am not among one of those people, however. I fondly recall the hard-core electro-rock song was used in a Levi Jeans TV commercial, which I always enjoyed. When Levi Jean commercials are brought to mind. I invariably also start thinking about Nick Kamen (never a bad thing). Back then, Jas Mann, frontman of Babylon Zoo, fascinated me at the time. He hit different and was rather like the Yungblud of his day.

On a personal note, MØ re-envisaging this song gets a big thumbs up from me. The song also aligns with her current aesthetic used in her recent album “Motordrome.” In the expanded version released on Friday, (“Motordrome: The Dødsdrom Edition”) I can understand why she included her own take on “Spaceman“.

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She reworked the song introducing it to a new generation. Using a bold pop style with a heavy synth emphasis. Two things I appreciate

Discussing the Noonie Bao, Ilsey Juber, and Oscar Holter co-write shares…

“We wrote our demo back in 2017, but the timing just didn’t feel right. Then came 2022, and all of a sudden, I was like “it’s now!” We decided to rework the production a little bit – describing the vibe we were going for as a “Gotham rave party.”

With those parting words from her, MØ suitably has us queued up for the video. As you might expect from the clip, it takes us on an intergalactic journey where we meet various supernatural alien beings. It seems to me that they are more of the curious kind than those depicted in comic books with heat-seeking laser eyes. I don’t think we have anything to fear from them, just that they are, and the clip is an artsy watch.

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