No other ladies in pop right now, deal out the funk vibes, so on the brow of chill as the cool ladies of Ekkah.

Although, Ekkah have been working up the tunes for a short while, it wasn’t until the ladies recently shared their cracking nu-disco-wave number “Small Talk”, that we turned into instant fans of the duo.

There is something of an air of bedroom-pop star with these two, which is a massively charming factor about them. Even though they are now signed to a major label, thankfully their image isn’t so far stretched from that of a D.I.Y. set-up. I see it as just adding a flourish of authenticity into their invention and am really quite down for this to continue. It’s nice to see their identities shine in this way.

This all holds up to be truth of Ekkah’s follow-up release of Double A side single “What’s Up” and “Space Between Us” with much sought after maestro of modern day boogie and funkateer Dâm-Funk.

As If Ekkah couldn’t get any more chilled-disco groovy, teaming up with production from Dâm-Funk has given them a richly absorbing sonic sheen of after-hours deep seated electronica dreaminess. Of the kind, that encourages you to drift away and calm the fuck out too.

It wasn’t so long ago that Little Boots dabbled in this direction with the album “Nocturnes” and it can’t be said that it was Victoria’s finest hour. But for Ekkah, this is where they excel and belong.

Adoring the whole spacey, future-funk grooves which envelope “Space Between Us” right now. Ekkah say they wrote this one to pay respects to David Bowie, well I think Ziggy Stardust would be rocking out and stamping his approval on this, from up above.