Knocking Ghost 3

Formerly a remix collective, the electronic trio of Knocking Ghost are now making headway in a dexterous capacity, proficiently productive in the composition of their own original pieces.

In creation of a penetrative sound directive, now arrived is an otherworldly brooding soundboard, collected of deep n’ dark sensual beats emitting a spellbinding aura, spilling out a sprawling mass of synth goodness and forming new track release “Soul Aspiration”.

What is most noticeable upon listening is that Knocking Ghost are prominently masterful at layering techniques, so much so that “Soul Aspiration” positively translates as an encapsulation of an out-of-body experience.

The production is quite faultless and the contemporary ideology born out of late 70’s early 80’s musical cross-over point that runs through the “Soul Aspiration” soundscape is translated by the trio’s astutely accomplished execution.

Prepare for the lift-off, press play and hold tight through the fittingly moody grey scale equipped video as “Soul Aspiration” will take over your mind and blow it into a zillion pieces of cosmic heaven with it’s glowing electronic intellect.