Sody 2

When most 15 year olds would be content enough to sing away into a hairbrush, this isn’t so of emerging teen pop starlet Sody at all, as she’s had her mind-set to forge a singing career since the tender age of twelve.

Yet at the age of 15 with talent show experience already under her belt, Sophie Dyson has sparked interest by cutting a commanding debut single with “Sorry”.

Sody not having thrown away her school tie yet, exhibits talent in all areas though, which belies her youth in years. Apparent at once when Sody’s vocal erupts into a captivating aurally mature direction, placing her deepened husky tones amongst an R’n’B enriched sonic pop template.

It is NOT the kind of vocal you’d come to expect from a 15 year old at all!

Since, there is a somewhat undeniable uniqueness to Sody’s singing voice which from the get-go, exhibits promise to traverse genres with ease. It is pop sensible in the main but owing to its richness and dexterously malleable contours could easily develop more with an accent on the alternative.

Further to this the little lady is also duly flexing her songwriting abilities on “Sorry” with some guidance from popstar Martin Luke Brown and Phil Cook, who also produced the track.

Sorry” is NOT so much a love song, quite the opposite infact, as the song theme goes some way in establishing that feelings between the two prospective suitors are not so mutually reciprocated. Seems somebody’s struck off with of dose of unrequited love.

A simple but effective visual picture forms the basis of the tracks accompanying video, engaging with the swing of emotions meet off of the song’s heart-crushing narrative.

So there you have it, Sody is not your atypical teenager, out to bag a boyfriend at all costs. Nah she’s fine on her own for the time being – thanks. But then she’s not by half, got some burgeoning talent development to be going on with, in the present anyways.

Sody looks all cuteness and light on the surface, but it’s definitely clear she knows her own mind. Don’t think on her as the next emerging bubblegum princess, less that, more alt-pop force in waiting rather like a younger music sister to Kloe.