Arshad 2

Striking a chord for universal love, all round entertainer Arshad Aslam is primarily known for his role as Hasaad on MTV comedy series “Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous”. Like most that have grown up within the industry the creative spark lights up on a fan fold outlets through, acting, producing, writing and clothes designing.

Indian-American talent Arshad now delivers upon a musical career with a touching and awareness building campaign song for the anti-bullying organization “Straight But Not Narrow”, in support of the LGBTQ community.

Directed and written by ArshadSomeone You Love” conveys a message to society to free itself of it’s pre-judgement and prejudices, to reach out with a positive influence and to believe in ones self no matter what.

To say the video is poignant is an understatement; it is a TOTAL MUST WATCH. I’ll say no more other than it is overwhelmingly compelling in it’s content and afterwards there should be a deafeningly loud kerching of those dollars dropping in support of the cause at iTunes.