Being the case that we first wrote about triple threat singer, songwriter and producer Matt Palmer back in 2010, I think we are more than due for an update on what is currently going on with the Los Angeles based artist. I was actually, planning to write about the new track “Solo Act” today but I have had another update come in regarding the release of a video for the song “Get Lost“, so I figured, I would give them both a mention.

The reason behind this weekly visual bonanza reveal is because Matt recently announced the launch of a seven-song visual EP called “Get Lost“, (the full 7-song EP, will be available at all digital retailers on March 9.) The video element tells the story of one relationship from start to finish with seven interconnected music videos – co-stars Instagram celebrity Max Emerson and, is directed by Matt’s longtime collaborator Ryan Bartley. Starting with “Solo Act“, both the clip and song speak about playing the dating game and meeting that special someone who makes your heart flip.

Follow-up and EP title track “Get Lost” pick up on the story as the new couple go out to a poolside party. There’s a few twists and turns to the tale, and somebody might just have taken an unprescribed pill they really shouldn’t have which leads to an evening that is a little out of the ordinary for the majority of people but, not for all.

After all this time it is good to catch-up with Matt’s silky vocals again, on these tracks, and get a refresher on what we’ve been missing. Tie this in with rediscovering his confessional style of lyricism that seems to come straight from the heart. And, we reach pop enjoyment on an accomplished scale of ear popping and dance-floor stomping, with an overall soulful appeal.

Reach out press play and become duly obsessed with the danceable urban pulsing sounds of the “Get Lost” EP, along with us.

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