More often than not, we have come to recognise French DJ Fred Falke and LA-based Zen Freeman for their electrifying electro house music. Linking up as the duo AMPERSOUNDS sees the legendary “DJ/producers branch out from their realms to explore dreamier soundscapes on their curiously non-titled debut EP. We are more used to seeing Fred Falke’s name flag up on remixes or collaborate with some of our most loved pop artists. An endless list, that covers Robyn and Bastille through to Luciana and Ellie Goulding. Wanting to expand their sound, Fred and Zen go with a more theatrical vibe on their new project. AMPERSOUDS are joined by GRAMMY® Award-nominated artist Rufus Wainwright for two incredible tracks, “TECHNOPERA” and “Solitude of Heart“. 

On paper, this seems like an exciting collaboration. Brought to life in music and vision, it is a lush and blissful interaction between three esteemed artists. They are delving into a magical elixir bound by all of their skillful artistry. On “Solitude of Heart“, AMPERSOUNDS and Rufus are actually interpreting the poetry of Rabindranath Tagore. This being used as the lyrics of the trackRufus‘ steers the emotive verses penned by Tagore with a dreamy vocal performance befitting of the golden-voiced singer. Poignant. Intoxicating. Intensely heartfelt. 

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Speaking about the new track. Rufus Wainwright comments,

“I love sometimes working with existing lyrics, and “Solitude of Heart” by Rabindranath Tagore seemed incredibly fitting for our time. There is something very laid back about the track but also deep at the same time. I think it is the perfect track to listen to in the middle of the night. And we all know those can be very long, so one can listen over and over again.”

The lyrics have somewhat of a spiritual feeling about them. Words that build a sense of enlightenment and being uplifted. A softer kind of euphoria as if the first light of dawn is about to break on an azure blue horizon. With it comes a sense of new hope and optimism. The track is supported by a Glass Battles directed animated visual. Using soothing shades of colour and torchlight like embellishments. The clip taps into the rejuvenating sensibility of the track.

When the stresses of the day pile on. Give yourself a break. Live in the moment with “Solitude of Heart“. It works like, a remedy, Will, bring the heart rate right down. And you will feel a sense of well-being take over.

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