The synth wielding Texan lovelies of Feathers follow up their hauntingly magnificent debut “Land Of the Innocent” by unleashing “Soft”, an esoteric incantation, eclipsed with dark leaning synths and the dreamiest of vocals.

In preface to release of their debut album “If All Now Here”, “Soft” offers further  insight into the disparately abstract nature of the song collection, going deeper into the midnight expanse of dreamstate awareness both in Anastasia Dimou’s ethereally lavish vocals and the languidly sprawling forlorn undertones that forms it’s backbone.

Like the sisters of Depeche Mode, Feathers ruffle us up in excitement with their industrially led blend of brooding estrangement.

A successful key act in support of Depeche Mode at this years SXSW and to that of  Robyn also, Feathers touch down in the UK through May to jump on our festival circuits, at Dot to Dot, The Great EscapeField Day amongst others (full details here)