I don’t know a lot about emerging artists springing up from the Austrian music scene, so when I was asked to check out “So What” the latest single by Vienna based newcomer KTEE I wasn’t sure what to expect. Although, assumed the Austrian music scene had hopefully, moved on from Falco it’s biggest, pop export of recent times. The singer has already made a name for herself in Europe with previous singles “Rollercoaster” and “Rock Your Life“, with “So What” she has a little noticeability from the UK in her sights. The Sparkly blonde is empowered and ready to continue her artistic growth, introducing her unique, exultant and powerfully stylised take on pop with bold, unforgiving track “So What“.

Maybe it’s coincidental, KTEE might be taking a little inspiration from another high-profile blonde singer. Like P!nk, KTEE has got her rock moves, a pop heart and both singers have recorded empowering songs called “So What“. The energetic newcomer has a life motto, which is “Dare to do what you love, remain true to yourself, make something of yourself and don’t take life too seriously”, all of which comes through in the punchy beats and masterful production of the song.

In the music video, we get to see the singer living life to the full, sometimes partying a little too hard but not giving herself a hard time about it, just living in the moment doing things her way beaming with the glow of self-confidence. KTEE cites one of her influences in music as Jessie J and has been remarked upon, more than a few times that both singers share a similar soulful timbre to their vocals. If you’re going to be compared to anyone and you’re a female pop singer who is starting out, you can do far worse than be compared to a female pop powerhouse such as Jessie J. With this song KTEE’s hoping to inspire listeners to find a strong sense of self-worth. The music is here to make you feel good. Plain and simple.

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