I already know what is going to be your first impression of this new artist which I’m just about to introduce to you because I’m confident it will pretty much be the same thing that had me leaping up off of my seat. There’s so much power and range in Swedish man Sandro Cavazza’s voice! And if you then think, wait up haven’t I heard something like this before? you’ll be quite right to raise this question because Sandro was one of the featured vocalists on Avicii’s 2015 album “Tall Stories” and he’s also recently collaborated with Lost Frequencies on “Beautiful Life”.

Sandro has a most distinctive voice though, it really rasps at being suited to rock but it also exhibits a whole lot of soulfulness too. Then in a flip-second, it lends itself to dance pop or equally emotive EDM. It’s a voice that covers all bases (a useful tool in this day and age).

After being the vocalist that DJ/ producer’s turned to, the Swedish newcomer is striking out on his own accord. Electronic/R’n’B focused number “So Much Better” is lifted off Sandro’s self-titled debut EP. Not only is it pumped in powerhouse prowess, it is charged in a passionately, unmistakable state of emotiveness. The visual that goes alongside this strapping song, is properly amazing too.