Dr Dancefloor

I’m thinking Dr. Dancefloor knows a thing or two about what makes a euro pop banger, as not long ago the mystical music DJ / production force spun us around in a doop-de-doop fashion with Dutch X-factor contestant Rachel Kramer at the helm and from what I can gather Germany already doopin loves it.

Next up for euro domination Dr. Dancefloor is joined by Dutch singer Yessy and rapper Lucc who waste no time in infecting our minds with a wall to wall nitro bouncing romp in homage to the party isle Ibiza.

Honestly Dr. Dancefloor, Yessy and Lucc, do it minus the cheese and cooler than the Vengaboys ever did!

Pack your Factor 40 and board the EQ airways cuz we’re going to Ibiza cos it’s “SO DAMN HOT” and in England where I am it currently is NOT!